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Presenter: Maria Escolino
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Authors: Ciro Esposito1; Lorenzo Masieri2; Fulvia Del Conte1; Mariapina Cerulo1; Vincenzo Coppola1; Serena Izzo1; Giuseppe Autorino1; Maria Escolino1;

1Federico II University of Naples, Naples, Italy; 2Meyer Children Hospital, Florence, Italy

We reported the case of an 8 years-old boy with incidental diagnosis of left megaureter (antero-posterior diameter-APD pre-vesical ureter 30mm) and left hydronephrosis (APD pelvis 35 mm) on ultrasonography (US) performed for abdominal pain. The pre-operative work-up confirmed the diagnosis of primary obstructive megaureter (POM) with decreased function of the left kidney. He underwent endoscopic balloon dilation of left POM. Two months later, he represented flank pain and imaging studies showed persistence of the left POM (APD pelvis 37mm, APD pre-vesical ureter 32mm). So, he underwent robot-assisted extravesical ureteral reimplantation (REVUR) with ureteral tapering. The operative time was 125 minutes. Postoperative course was uneventful. The patient was discharged on postoperative day 3rd, following bladder catheter and drain removal. JJ stent was removed 28 days postoperatively. At follow-up (20 months), the patient was asymptomatic, US demonstrated improved hydronephrosis (APD pelvis 13.5 mm) and renal scintigraphy showed improved drainage of left kidney.

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