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Gastrografin for Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction (SBO)

Here you will find the evidence-based guideline in place at Cincinnati Children's Hospital (August 2019) as guided by the following studies:

• Grant HW et al. Adhesions after abdominal surgery in children. JPS 2008;43(1):152-156. 

• Branco BC et al. Systematic review and meta-analysis of the diagnostic and therapeutic role of water-soluble contrast agent in adhesive small bowel obstruction. BJS 2010;97(4):470-478. 

• Lee CY et al. Evaluation of a water-soluble contrast agent for conservative management of adhesive small bowel obstruction in pediatric patients. JPS 2015;50(4):581-585. 

• Linden et al. Evaluation of a water-soluble contrast protocol for non-operative management of pediatric adhesive small bowel obstruction. JPS 2019;54(1):184-188. 

• Zeilinski MD et al. Multi-institutional, prospective, observational study comparing the Gastrograffin challenge versus standard treatment in adhesive small bowel obstruction. J Traum and ACS 2017;83(1):47-54. 

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