12. EPIC Overview

EPIC is the electronic documentation system at CCHMC. EPIC is an integrated scheduling, ordering, and charting system for providers.  There are some key functions to learn which can make your rotation a productive one when it comes to EPIC.  A large number of functions can be located by pressing the red EPIC button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to bring down the main menu. 

1. Creating an OR Schedule


2.    Status Board

Cases denoted with a “+” as circled above are “Add-Ons.”  Pay close attention to these and if you are available, scrub if there’s no one scrubbed in and let the team know. 

3.    Operative Notes


4.    Order Entry


5.    My SmartPhrases

This is the section that allows you to create your own SmartPhrases and note templates, but also is where you can use save and later use others SmartPhrases and note templates.