Welcome to the Pediatric Surgery Service!

In this handbook, you will find a description of the service, individual resident responsibilities, a general daily schedule, guidance on notes, consults, preop preparation of patients and managing lines/tubes.

Please read this manual carefully prior to beginning the service, since this will answer the majority of questions you may have, as well as alleviate many of the concerns during the monthly transition.

Please contact the individual you will be replacing in order to obtain a patient list, receive signout on the patients, and discuss how our service operates.  We look forward to having you on the Pediatric Surgery Service and hope this is an enjoyable and educational experience for you.

If you have problems or concerns PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact the Pediatric Surgical Fellows, the Division Director, Dr. Greg Tiao, or the Program Coordinator, Leslie Grube.

Table of Contents

  1. Daily Schedule
  2. Pediatric Surgery Service Overview
  3. Morning Rounds
  4. Afternoon Rounds
  5. Resident and Fellow Responsibilities
  6. The Census List
  7. Notes on Notes
  8. Consult Guidelines
  9. The Art of the Pre-Op
  10. Operating Room Duties
  11. Tips on Lines and Tubes
  12. EPIC Overview
  13. Standard (Consult, Progress, Op) Note Templates and Ordersets