10. Operating Room Duties

*Check your OR case assignments after PM rounds on the Census*


READ ABOUT YOUR PATIENT before going to the OR

Attendings will NOT tolerate you operating on a patient if you do not know their basic history.  EPIC makes this very easy!




Booking a case for the OR – call #64527 with the following information: 

When on call overnight, it is a good idea to know which attending is SOW and which attending is is on call the following day.  Non-emergent cases can be scheduled under both attendings’ names (as it is often not known who will be available to cover the case until the following day).


On weekends, the attending that is on call Friday night is to be available to do 730 start cases on Saturday.  Clarify when you are booking a case for the following morning that they will do a 730 start. 


SOW is not usually available to staff cases until ~ 1000 on weekdays and 930 on weekends given rounding responsibilities.  When in doubt, ask about availability and desired start times!