2. Pediatric Surgery Service Overview

The Team


On-call Structure

The call structure varies each month with the number of residents available.  The call schedule is prepared by the senior Pediatric Surgery Fellow on a monthly basis.  Schedule requests should be discussed with that fellow as far in advance as possible; not all requests can be accommodated. 

Pediatric Surgery Fellows: q2 weekday and every other weekend home call (junior fellow takes in-house Friday call every other week for first 6 months)

Sub-Specialty Fellows: ~6-8 calls per month (~2 weekends per month)

Senior Residents: ~8 calls per month (2 weekends per month)

Junior Residents:  T-F day call, every Sunday 24-hour call

Every day, the “on-call team” consists of the following:


Attending Call Structure:


On-call Basic Duties:


** Issues with floor patients or new consults on patients already known to an attending should be referred directly to that primary attending, at any time, day or night.  If they are unavailable, or the issue is significantly remote, then the issue or consult should be discussed with the SOW/Attending On-Call **